About Us

Mission & Vision

  • Creating a long-term customer satisfaction by maintaining high quality, affordable, safe products to our target customers.
  • Increasing our market share both in Egypt and internationally.
  • Meetingour customers expectations by always providing unique customer service, this requires that we always have enthusiastic, responsive representatives who always puts the customer in every transaction they do daily.
  • Building a reliable relationship with our partners, this includes our trading partners, agents, retailers.
  • Securing appropriate and innovative working conditions for our employees.


The company owns very diversifies production lines for cake production – Layer Cake – Swiss Roll – Cupcake

  • (2) Pie cake production line.
  • (2) production lines for plain biscuits, date biscuits and maamoul.
  • (1) wafer production line.
  • (5) stations raw chocolate production.
  • (4) lines chocolate production.
  • (2) bars for producing chocolate bars.
  • (1) Rice Crisp production line.
  • Nougat production line in Sudan.
  • (7) German tufi production lines.
  • (2) production lines for wreaths and drops.
  • (3) lines for the gum production.
  • (1) lollipop production line x 1000 pieces per minute
  • A line for producing all kinds of jelly

(29) automatic packaging lines, country of origin, for lines between American – Italian – Danish, line models from 2013 to 2020



Happy Sweet (Kamara) succeeded to seize large market shares in both the Middle East, Africa and other countries across the globe.


Our exporting journey started in the Middle East where we have a common taste patterns and customs. Shortly we started to create new entry points in both West and South Africa. And with putting our customer satisfaction in our day-to-day operations we succeeded to acquire a decent market share in these countries.

Currently, we are exporting to more than 30 countries across the globe, including but not limited to, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria Morocco, Tunisia, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Nigeria, Niger, Congo, Russia and Venezuela.

The company aims to penetrate and open new exporting markets in the coming period, and we do this by creating an exclusive partnerships based on a very attractive incentive schemes to our partners