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Since our first launch, we have fully realized that reaching the summit is only the beginning of the road. And the real challenge is to preserve it. So that challenge remains a method, perseverance is a way, and knowledge is a light that illuminates us for a future we build with our own hands. Diligence and relentless pursuit of excellence remain our path to achieving it. Reaching this position only comes through the continuous development of our capabilities at various levels, and setting goals precisely and clearly, and at the heart of these goals is the output of our products with the best possible quality, and the satisfaction of our customers and the permanent preservation of the loyalty of the consumer.
We look at tomorrow with optimistic eyes and take a steady pace that does not lead to anything other than the top.


Who we are

Happy Sweet Food Industries was established in 1996. And since then, the company started to manufacture and produce high-quality food products. In a short time period Happy Sweet succeeded to be one of the big market players in the Egyptian local market, and gradually its products were able to pave the way in Africa and the Middle East where it currently seizes a large market share. our products include dry sweets, dough sweets, gums, biscuits, chocolate cakes and chocolate. Taking in consideration Egypt's 2030 vision, our strategic goal is to sustain and increase our production of high-quality products and increase our exports by exploring new markets in Africa and the Middle East. We make sure that our products will have a comparative advantage from our competitors with its high quality, affordability and safety to our target segments. Locally and Internationally, we are currently working on expanding our distribution network by establishing through a very attractive schemes new partnerships with a new agents and retailers.

Our Objectives

The company's strategy includes a number of main objectives, foremost of which is achieving the highest quality standards, in addition to increasing the volume of sales, whether at the local level or at the export level, in addition to meeting the expectations of our customers permanently, and providing a qualified team with the highest level of professionalism to serve customers, In order to meet their needs and requirements, and to be "Happy Sweet" always at the best expectations of its customers. The company also seeks to build a relationship of mutual trust with business partners, whether customers or agents, and to provide suitable and innovative working conditions for our employees, commitment to responsibility towards our national economy, respect for morals and laws, in addition to the societal role, which is an integral part of the company's goals, in faith Including the importance of solidarity and solidarity for a better future.

Our vision

Happy Sweet's vision revolves around 3 main axes, which the company always sets in mind in all its plans and objectives, the first of which is a national axis that supports the state's efforts, the second is an economic institutional axis, and the third is a community-service axis.


- The first pillar:

Happy Sweet Company, since its inception, is aware of the important role that economic institutions must play to serve the country, the certainty that has become more entrenched in light of the great efforts made by the state in recent years to achieve comprehensive development (Egypt Vision 2030), to bring Egypt to the level of advanced countries.


The second pillar:

Happy Sweet seeks to consolidate the institutional thought, and apply the latest management, development, evaluation, safety and quality systems, out of respect for its customers and seeking to satisfy them on the one hand, and in order to move forward in the continuous development process, by standing on a solid ground based on institutional thinking, scientific management and permanent modernization.


The third pillar:

The company realized since its inception that the societal service role of any economic institution cannot be separated from its economic role, so throughout its history it has sought to contribute as much as it can to serve its community and surroundings through various available means.


Happy Sweet succeeded to seize large market shares in both the Middle East, Africa and other countries across the globe.
Our exporting journey started in the Middle East where we have a common taste patterns and customs.
Shortly we started to create new entry points in both West and South Africa.
And with putting our customer satisfaction in our day-to-day operations we succeeded to acquire a decent market share in these countries. Currently, we are exporting to more than 50 countries across the globe, including but not limited to, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria Morocco, Tunisia, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Nigeria, Niger, Congo, Russia and Venezuela.
The company aims to penetrate and open new exporting markets in the coming period, and we do this by creating an exclusive partnerships based on a very attractive incentive schemes to our partners. 


The company has the most modern production lines with the latest capabilities and the largest production capacities, for the industry:

Cake – Layer Cake – Swiss roll – Cup Cake 

Pie Cake

Biscuit (Date Biscuit - Maamoul)

Wafer Biscuit


Rice Crisp

Nougat with Nuts

Toffee & Jelly

Eclairs & Drops


In addition to automatic packaging production lines from America, Italy, and Denmark, among others. - The most important characteristic of all our products remains that they - without exception - are not touched by a hand during the various production processes, so that the first hand that touches them is the "hand of the consumer" 

Head Office

- Cairo Capital Center - Banks Center Fifth Settlement - New Cairo . Cairo Egypt

- 1375 Cornish El Nil st., Beside to the Nasser Institute Hospital, Cairo-Egypt


- AlZahweyyen - Shebien El Qanater Qalyobia. 

- Qaha - Quaranfil Road - next to the Military factory Harbi - Qalyobia

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